Foil Lettering

Foil Lettering and Foil images are available only for Fabric Hardcover Binding

Spine Lettering

Spine lettering consists of the following OPTIONAL sections:

  • Name (20 character space)
  • Title Lines
  • Year on Spine

You can omit name or title on the spine by entering NONE in the space for that information in the Quote/Order Form and by leaving blank the field for Year.

Front Cover Lettering

As shown, Front Cover Lettering can include as much information as you want. The information you enter in the Quote/Order form will be used for applying your lettering with foil

Font Styles

Our default font is Arial. There is no extra charge to use Arial font.
If you want a different font, a metal die has to be ordered. Also:

1) There is a $75 extra cost for the Spine Lettering die or Front cover lettering die needed to apply the font
2) There is ALSO a $5 extra cost per book to apply the die to the spine. No extra charge for a SINGLE front cover lettering die. There is additional charge for more than 1 die on front cover.
3) If your book is too skinny to legibly display a custom font on the spine, you will be notified before we use Arial font instead.
4) There is a $75 extra cost for the Front Cover Lettering die, SEPARATE from the cost of the Emblem die
5) There is NO extra charge to apply Front Cover Lettering die with foil because the cost of Front Cover Lettering is already charged when you choose optional Front Cover Lettering.
6) Custom Font adds 10 additional business days to your Turnaround time.